Dear Valued Customers,
The service, safety, and reliability of our wastewater treatment plant continues to be a high priority
for the Lewes Board of Public Works. To assist the BPW in its ongoing review of the plant’s
performance and long-term sustainability, the Board of Directors recently decided to pursue an
evaluation of a long-range plan for the wastewater treatment plant’s future needs.
During recent discussions with the Sussex County engineer related to the BPW’s and Sussex
County’s mutual wastewater demands, the possibility of the BPW and Sussex County working
together to meet our respective needs was raised.
While on the surface this possibility appears to bring forward an opportunity to significantly reduce
the BPW’s future long-term capital costs concerning sustainability of the wastewater treatment
plant, especially compared to other potential options, the details will be very important in
determining whether this is a viable option.
For this important reason, at this time, this is only being raised for public discussion and public
input; no agreements have been prepared or signed, and no detailed planning or design has been
completed. Instead, the BPW has scheduled a presentation and public discussion on what this type
of coordination could look like aimed at gathering public input on this important topic. This
discussion has been scheduled for March 31 at 6:00 PM at the Margaret Rollins Community Center.
The Board realizes that the public will have many questions, comments, and potential concerns on
this option. We have questions ourselves that must be vetted before this proves to be a viable path
to consider. Ultimately, public input will be an important factor in the BPW’s consideration of this
possibility. We hope you are able to join us.
Lewes Board of Public Works,
Lewes Board of Directors
President: D. Preston Lee P.E.
Vice President: A. Thomas Owen
Secretary: Thomas S Panetta
Treasurer: Earl Webb III
Asst Treasurer: Richard Nichols